Trials, Humility, and Steadfast Faith


All of us struggle with sin. Nobody is immune to temptation and everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes it is hard to be happy when we know that we are imperfect and make so many mistakes. We can either wallow in that self-pity or we can remember the greatness of our God and His love and mercy. As we remember all of the great and marvelous things our God has done for us we will recognize His love and appreciate His unending patience with us. As we acknowledge these things there will be no reason for us to be discouraged. As we trust in God amidst the sorest of trials we will be lifted and strengthened by His love and mercy. We will be overwhelmed with His long-suffering and patience with us. God does not expect us to be perfect in this life, because He knows we cannot obtain it until the next. But God loves us enough to help us every step of the way. He will never get frustrated or angry with us as long as we are trying our best to do what He asks. I cannot bear a strong enough witness of His perfect love for each one of us. He knows us personally and loves us beyond our comprehension. We are truly His beloved children.        2 Nephi 4:15-35


Christ chose His apostles based on their inner natures, not their outward accomplishments. It does not matter what we accomplish on this Earth if we are not humble and receptive to the Lord’s teachings. We must be willing and eager to follow Christ in ever capacity that He asks of us. We must not give way to pride and think that we are too good to do something. Christ descended below all mankind that He might be able to serve and love us perfectly. We must be willing to do a portion of the same for our fellow men.              Jesus the Christ pg. 227

Steadfast Faith

Never be ashamed of what you believe in. Do not flinch nor waver when others persecute you for your righteous actions. You know what you believe is true and God knows you know it is true. He will stand by you and give you the power to withstand those that oppose you. Never be discouraged or disheartened when doing the work of the Lord. No effort is ever wasted while in the Lord’s service. When you are building the Lord’s kingdom and doing your best to follow His will He will never forsake you. He cannot. How can He when He experienced the same things? When we are mocked and made a hiss and a byword we must remember and take courage in the fact that we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the greatest life this world has ever known; the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ.          2 Nephi 7:6-8, Hymn 85 (How Firm a Foundation) Verse 7

2 thoughts on “Trials, Humility, and Steadfast Faith

  1. Melanie Madsen says:

    Pretty cool. These are some of the same chapters I taught in Subaru his week. 2 Nephi 4 – 8 they are just what I needed too. And now here you are reinforcing the same teachings. Heavenly Father is so merciful. He knows what we need Nd when we need it. 🙂

  2. […] said to fear not. He said to trust Him. If something blows up that shouldn’t have, don’t assume that it’s the end of the […]

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